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Are you sick and tired of seeing others design fantastic logos whilst you're left wondering how the hell they do it?

I can change this immediately.


My name is Daniel Evans. I was stuck in this kind of rut for years and I had no-one who was qualified who would take time out to show me how I could finally design professional logos.  I'd sit and admire the work of larger logo design companies and logo design professionals who seemed to be able to weave awe inspiring logos by barely lifting a finger.  It seemed as though I was miles from the mark of being able to achieve anything remotely similar. I figured that amateur designers remain amateurs.

I spent many years designing logos for fictitious companies for the sake of building a portfolio. However my efforts were in vain since the quality of logo designs I was developing fell way below the quality of the competition.  There were big players in the logo design industry as there are today.  Small timers like me, as I was then, particularly ones with no true talent, stood no chance.  

Occasionally I'd be fortunate enough to score the odd client, but the frequency of sales weren't even enough to cover a moderate weeks rent.  Some people even had the nerve to ask me to work for free since my desperation was showing as clearly as my amateur work. It was time for change.

I persevered and spent many years refining my logo design skills through prolonged trial, error and research and I'm now proud to be able to announce that I have appearances in 9 logo design publications, I've received I've 3 prestigious logo design awards and I've served over 2600 professional logo designs to clients who are overwhelmed by my work. 

I was even employed for several years by one of the very same logo design companies I spent so long admiring!


Now, I'm going to show you exactly how!


Presenting the Logo Masterclass!

Logo Design Video Course - 7+ Hours Content!


I'm now proud to have the opportunity to teach YOU everything I've learned so that you can hit the ground running, gaining huge traction in the logo design business, whilst sparing yourself of all the hassle I experienced!  You'll gain insider knowledge from an established professional in a video course that's so easy to understand, you'll be designing professional logos faster than you ever imagined!

I'm going to reveal to you everything from start to finish. I'm also going to show you how I go about designing a series of logos for a real life client and you're going to watch as I make each and every step from communication to planning and design, turning a concept into a valuable, business asset which generates vast amounts of money!

You're not only going to learn a professional skill in logo design, you're going to learn the inside secrets of how to make money from the logo design business!


Win The Logo Design Battle!



Despite there being so many logo designers on the Internet, there is still a huge demand for designers who can develop proper, professional designs. Many people are jumping in at the deep end and marketing their logo design services, like I once did (often unsuccessfully) before they can even design properly.  This is the fact which my own success rests upon and it's this same fact that you can use yourself to gain an edge in logo design! Your logo design work will shine high above the rest. Guaranteed!

I will arm you with the ammunition to go in guns blazing into a profession which you'll take by storm for the fact that you're being taught by a qualified logo design professional who's been around the block, been there, done it and reaped the rewards.  You'll be able to put the 'Photoshop Monkeys' to shame with quality work which clients will be more than willing to pay quality money for.  It's my promise to you that your investment in my course will pay dividends!


Take a look at some of my logo design work:

Here's a few of my published logo designs:

Anchor Marine - LogoLounge 7 - Daniel Evans

Say Cheese - LogoLounge 7 - Daniel Evans

Poop - Damn Good - Daniel Evans

Tytology - Damn Good - Daniel Evans

New Graphic 30 - Clickplant - Silver Winner - Daniel Evans

 You're going to stretch your logo design wisdom to the furthest limits!

Here's what you'll learn, quickly and effectively:

  • Learn why vector is king and how we'll use it to develop logos designs of excellence!
  • Delve into the different types of logo design in exclusive showcases!
  • Professional logo design questionnaires revealed and dissected!
  • Harvest valuable reference material to develop awesome logo design inspiration methods.
  • Let your brain ooze creativity ideas with professional mood boards, pin boards and mind maps.
  • Use a pencil like a pro to develop fantastic logo design ideas ready for digitizing.
  • How to professionally tweak text to suit almost any requirement and how to combat optical illusions.
  • Wield Illustrators pen tool like a magician to develop any shape

  • Find out how to use brush effects that will set you apart from the amateurs.
  • Learn how to apply priceless effects which enhance logos you assume to be complete.
  • Learn how to arrange and prepare file formats like a true organised professional.
  • See logo designs spring into life stage by stage, from sketched concepts in a real life case study!
  • Discover how the symbols developed can hold a wealth of exciting, hidden meanings.
  • Learn how to apply simple parts of shapes for awesome fill effects to take symbols to the next level.
  • Present your masterpieces with professional pride as we look into top notch presentation techniques.
  • Gain access to all the documents I use in my logo design business includnig all email templates!

Including 10 BONUS tutorial videos of every primary tool you'll need to use in Adobe Illustrator to design professional logos!


In the Logo Masterclass you're in safe hands!  I don't take the liberty to assume that you're already familiar with Adobe Illustrator.  In this exclusive module, I discuss each and every primary tool and I show you exactly how we can use each in the role of developing a professional logo design.

If you're already familiar with Illustrator, I can assure you that you'll still find gold nuggets, learning something you've never seen before! The package is complete and there's something in it for everyone of every level.

Over 7 hours of professional logo design video content!

Spanning 59 videos & 11 exclusive logo design activities!

Just look at the sheer wealth of information you're going to get access to!..

A quick summary of your Modules!..


  • Introduction to me and what you can expect!

  • Types of Logo Design - Exclusive Showcases!

  • Construction & Analysis of Logo Design Questionnaires

  • Gathering Reference Material & Mind Mapping

  • Professional sketching for Illustrator preparation

  • Adobe Illustrator elaboration & mastership

  • Preparing fonts & editing text

  • Developing symbols in Illustrator

  • Marrying symbols with text

  • Colouring logos with thoughtful meaning

  • Sending samples to your client

  • Revising & sending final logos

  • Exclusive downloads - grab my templates!

  • Sample logo designs briefs

  • Quoting & invoicing

Here's a small selection of my glowing appraisals:

This is how Online Learning Works!  This is an amazing and a must course for any one who wants to learn logo design! The instructor is very professional easy to follow and very clear in what he explains (though I am not an English native speaker but I understood everything). I will recommend this course to any one who wants to learn logo design!

- Sarah Nour

From someone who doesn't write reviews... I couldn't NOT write a review! Although not a professional logo designer, this course was extremely helpful to push me in that direction. Daniel's style of teaching is perfect. I now have a wealth of knowledge to move forward with. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in logo design, as well as, anyone interested in learning the basics of Illustrator. I have a good grasp on Illustrator, and still picked up a few techniques.

- Gyna Gazzi

Daniel is a very creative designer and an excellent teacher. I understood more about logos from his first three modules than I thought possible! Unlike other instructors, Daniel doesn’t assume you know Illustrator and takes his time to show you how it works and what you can do with its functions. I finally understood how to use custom brushes and I’ve been able to use the pen tool without making a mess of my drawing. I’d recommend this course to any person who is really interested in learning logo design and Adobe Illustrator. It’s easy, it’s well organized and very rich in information. One of the best courses I’ve attended to date!

- Alexandra Moore

Incredible course! I went in expecting some tutorials but this is so much more. After taking this course I see that Daniel is a great teacher and puts a lot of effort into this course. Some highlights include worksheets to help you get started with clients and some examples of completed worksheets that Daniel used to create the demonstrations. If you are interested in a comprehensive course that takes you through business advice, tools of the trade, techniques that work, and interactive examples using the software that you can use in your successful logo design effort. This course is much more than theory, it is real world useful information!

- Neal M

Simple, Thorough and complete! I found the lectures very easy to follow. Instruction is clear at a good pace. A purposeful breakdown of all the tools. A demo of each tool so you can think about how to use them for your work. He also goes over how to organize your workflow if you are going to do this as a profession. What to ask for to how to give final product to client/customer. Good examples of logos and how to create them. You stay interested through out the entire course. Quality is excellent in all parts. Full foundation Enjoy!!

- Neetha Reddy

Excellent value and extremely informative! This was by far the most informative instruction video giving great insight to the creative thoughts of a professional and award winning logo designer. The course was truly inspiring with comprehensive guidance on the workings of Adobe Illustrator plus complete instruction on the process of logo design from initial concept to final submission to the client. Anyone interested in starting or indeed improving their logo design career would benefit from this educational course. Daniel Evans must be commended for this well presented, easy to follow course which covers everything required to become an accomplished logo designer to anyone with creative thought.

- James Sterling

Are you ready to join the logo design elite?

There's countless students profiting from my course as you read this!

The cost of Logo Masterclass is a fraction of what you'd pay for inferior college logo design tuition!

Settle for nothing less than direct instruction from a designer who's getting it done!

Don't waste any more time!

I'll reveal to you how to design professional logos right NOW!

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